Children's Entertainer in Manchester

Costume Characters

We can provide a variety of costume characters for children's entertainment. We have bear , reindeer, parrot, snowman, male and female easter rabbits, lion costumes and more available for hire.

The giant inflatable clown is perfect for your event, it stands 11 foot tall and is a high visibility character which will attract people in your direction. It can interact with members of the public by playing statues then springing to life, it can walk, talk, sway, or even run & jump. It can be used in all weather as it is water proof, a real fun character.

Giant Inflatable Clown Reindeer Costume Parrot Costume
All the other characters are perfect for promotional work such as shopping malls, fun days, launches, children's centres or a specific themed event. These characters would be suitable at different times of the year such as Easter & Christmas etc. Children love to meet our lovable friendly furry friends, and will often use this as a photo opportunity.
Bear Costume Easter Rabbits Snowman and Lion costumes